We want to highlight how important AWS CloudFormation is and why that team deserves a huge thanks.

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🙌 For The CloudFormation People

This week I had a realization after seeing a request for CloudFormation support of websockets for API Gateway. Because I believe in the necessity of infrastructure as code, if an AWS service or feature isn't available in CloudFormation then it doesn't exist to me. For that reason the CloudFormation team deserves so much praise for making AWS usable and also manageable.

Check out the CloudFormation 2018 year in review to see what that team has been up to.

When I find a feature or service isn't available in CloudFormation it means I won't be using it and will have to find a way to work around the limitation. I'm looking at you SNS subscription filtering...

Wait, SNS subscription filtering got supported a month or two after I needed it for a project? (I found this out while writing this week's newsletter.) This brings me to a request of AWS. Please make sure CloudFormation support comes faster. If I try to do something once and can't then it can take me months, even years, to notice the capability has been added to CloudFormation. 

And if you're interested, websockets for API Gateway was announced this week!

This Week's Links

In this week's edition of Cold Start we have links on:

  • Multi-account deployment
  • Custom authorizers for API Gateway
  • Massively parallel hyperparameter... just read it
  • and more!


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