This week Pulumi was released. Take a look if you're tired of all the YAML you've accumulated.

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If you're frustrated with the amount of YAML you wrote last week then read along...

Pulumi: An alternative to YAMLneering

I'll be up front, I don't mind writing YAML and I'm happy with declarative configuration and languages. But, it's not the thing for everyone. I've found developers tend to hate declarative languages and the result is people avoiding CloudFormation or Serverless Framework complexity and hiding infrastructure in their application code.

Well, say hello to Pulumi. Their tool is an interesting alternative take to serverless application management. What's most interesting to me is you're not just limited to a single language. Use JavaScript (or TypeScript), Python, or Go. This should make it easier to to adopt for more people.

Interested in something different for serverless application management? Have a read here:


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