DevOps is people! This week we have links on humility and codes of conduct as well as many more on serverless.

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DevOps Is People!

Two posts this week reemphasized the importance the people play in the "people, process, and tools" of DevOps.


To start, Mark Schwartz of AWS has an excellent blog piece on humility. Engineering is not know for humility. As engineers we're rewarded for confidently stating how we think things work or holding (even unfounded) opinions. It's hard to accept that our team's collective brain power can't always sit in a room and solve a problem with absolute certainty of success.

Yet, too many of us wrongly think our collective brain power is enough to solve every problem. We, ServerlessOps, advocate a similar approach to Mark. Clearly define what you're trying to solve for your organization, understand what success looks like and how to measure it, and iterate forwards based on continuous delivery and feedback. It's fine to be wrong! It's fine to accept you can't always know the correct answer. Don't let that fear force you into making decisions that cause you to deliver the wrong solution.

AWS Code Of Conduct

Second, AWS now has a Code of Conduct. Read it. Understand it. Don't be the sort of person this had to be written for. And if Linus Torvalds can change, then so can you!

AWS Serverless Up And Running Workshop

If you're in the Boston area on the evening of 10/17, come out for out FREE AWS Serverless Up And Running workshop! We're doing a run here before we give it at USENIX LISA later that month.

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Do You Like Sales Collateral?

You may not be aware of this, but people do. Particularly people further up the management chain looking for quick education to determine whether their team should investigate further. That's why we wrote What Is Serverless?.


I'm Tom from ServerlessOps and we provide services to make you successful with your DevOps transformation and AWS migration. Ask us about our training and advisory services.

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