Our ebook has met a warm reception, we held a workshop event recently, and we're getting ready for USENIX LISA this week.

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Serverless DevOps Ebook

Last week's ebook received a tremendous response and the number of downloads has been staggering! We also spent time on Reddit discussing the ebook and answering the questions and comments of readersWe also received a mention in Chris Short's DevOpsish newsletter which you should checkout for quality DevOps links every Sunday.

If you haven't had a chance to read the ebook yet, download it now. It's completely free. No forms to fill out, not even your email address!

>>> Download the Serverless DevOps Ebook

Training Event

Recently we put on our AWS Serverless Up and Running workshop hosted at the AWS Boston office. We had a fantastic turnout and very thankful for our sponsors Serverless, Inc and Kyruus.

Interested in hosting a training at your event or employer? Then contact us.


And, we'll be delivering this same workshop at...


We'll be at USENIX LISA this week. Our workshop is on Tuesday morning at 11:00am. We'll also putting finishing touches on our closing keynote. If you're attending, reach out to say hi. We'd love to meet.


I'm Tom from ServerlessOps and we provide a range of services around DevOps transformation, AWS migration, serverless training, and startup cloud operations. See our services to learn more.

Also let us know what you think of this week's Cold Start using the 👍/👎 links at the end of this email!

Tom at ServerlessOps

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We're ServerlessOps and we provide a range of services around DevOps transformation, AWS migration, serverless training, and startup cloud operations. 

Drop us a line at hello@serverlessops.io to discuss how we can work together or see our services to learn more.

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