Gitlab's serverless announcement isn't about serverless at all. It's about serverless allowing Gitlab to cover more of the development cycle.

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Gitlab Serverless... The Important Part

Gitlab announces their serverless feature. It's serverless... That requires you to be running servers and operating a Kubernetes platform.

Let's ignore that for now because I think the Gitlab announcement, along with Github Actions, and more happening in the tech space represent a trend. Once single purpose tools are becoming integrated platforms. Picture your entire engineering workflow living in a single platform where you plan your work, develop and store your code, and deploy it to waiting infrastructure.

It might be Kubernetes today, but picture tomorrow where you use a single platform to generate ideas, build them, and finally deploy... And where infrastructure is not a concern in the process and you don't spend your cycles on it. We've been saying this for awhile, it's not serverless the technology that's important, it's how serverless allows us to change the way in which we work.

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