Last week was Influencer Week and we published a very thorough series of blogs on serverless development. Let's discuss...

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Last week was Influencer Week and we also published a very thorough series of blogs on serverless development. Let's discuss...

Wrapping Up Influencer Week

What is Influencer Week? It's like Infrastructure Week which means we'll just declare it again when we don't have a good theme to tie together this newsletter.

Rising to the occasion first was Dashbird with "Serverless Influencers Share Their Predictions And Insights For 2018 And Beyond". Eight members of the serverless community share their thoughts on where serverless is going. The common bold prediction, serverless will be important. We also want to thank Dashbird for thinking of including us in the piece!

Also last week, everyone's favorite Twitter cloud pundit, @cloud_opinion, had some opinions on serverless. In "Serverless Will Grow At A Faster Rate Than The Cloud Did" they provide S curves to illustrate serverless has a shorter time to value than cloud adoption in general. (I'm also convinced @cloud_opinion is more than one person.)

Blog: AWS Lambda & Serverless Development

What do you get when someone unwittingly chooses a very large topic but doesn't suffer writers block and feverishly types away? You get a blog post like "AWS Lambda & Serverless Development".  Actually, you get THREE blog posts. The series covers the steps I've learned to become an efficient and productive serverless developer. If you find serverless development frustrating because there's no, "Works on my machine!" then give this series a read.


I'm Tom from ServerlessOps and we provide services to make you successful with your DevOps transformation and enhancement through AWS serverless adoption. Ask us about our training and advisory services.

Also let us know what you think of this week's Cold Start using the 👍/👎 links at the end of this email!

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