This past week Google gave you the ability to go serverless... In your data center. Plus, 24 other serverless people who's newsletter, blog, and twitter you should follow.

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Good afternoon from ServerlessConf's unofficial Boston satellite location. We may not be there in person be we are there in spirit. Want to see me in person? I'll be speaking at DevOpsDays Chicago at the end of this month!

Now let's get to some thoughts on serverless news and happenings last week.

Knative Or Knaive

Many of you made this joke on Twitter so I'm not sure who to credit that headline to. During Google Cloud Next, Google announced Knative to bring serverless workloads... to your self managed runtime platform. I'm not sure whether bringing serverless to your datacenter or Kubernetes platform running in AWS makes less sense.


  • It's meeting the market and developer ecosystem where they are at.


  • Everything that makes serverless... serverless. There's infrastructure to manage. You need to manage resource scaling. The list goes on.

But at least we continue to get Simon Wardley versus Kelsey Hightower Twitter debates which make your twitter rants look like someone arguing with the McDonalds cashier about whether or not the ice cream machine is really broken.

24 Other Serverless Thinkfluencers

Thanks to Jeremy Daly for his list of 25 people to follow in the serverless space. Regular readers already know his name because we include him a lot here. (You should be following him too.) Honored to have been listed as one of the people to follow!


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