This past week at LISA18 we had a chance to chat with Netflix about SRE as well as be reminded about where most of operations is.

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As you may be aware (based on our constant messaging in this newsletter) last week we were at USENIX LISA18. We hope to share the video of my closing keynote on serverless real soon!

Netflix SRE And Startup Drive

Had an informative chat with a Netflix SRE manager while at LISA. He said his time consulting taught him heavily valuable skills. You see, the SRE organization is an internal consulting team. It means they need to not just develop services, but know what services their users want, as well as message and network to get the word out and bring other teams to them so they can work together.

Picture yourself on an engineering team where no one is forced to interact with you or use your services. How might your team operate or prioritize work differently?

Entrepreneurial and startup minded people posses that needed drive to engage other people and grow their service usage. They're already used to the idea that no one needs to use them and they need to attract users to their services by properly identifying needs and engaging their customer audience to attract, educate, and convert.

I see there's so much room for entrepreneurial and startup minded folks in large organizations if more organizations understood how to use them properly and didn’t look at them as ticket closing machines.

More organizations should be looking at what Netflix does internally as a means of improving their DevOps transformation and brining in more talent and new ideas. 

The Skill Spectrum In Tech

Many of us know there's increasingly smaller and smaller tech bubbles. We're in one of the smallest, those who use serverless. Something I liked very much about LISA18 is the spectrum of skills it brings. It's a reminder there's still people running on baremetal, writing Perl, and YAML is still a foreign concept. It helps to go to conferences like this to stay grounded.

Serverless DevOps Ebook Review!

We ran across this review of our Serverless DevOps ebook. When people are taking the time to review your ebook you know you're reaching people.


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We're ServerlessOps and we provide a range of services around DevOps transformation, AWS migration, serverless training, and startup cloud operations. 

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