This week, our 2019 list of what needs to be done so your 2019 list comes true!

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Serverless Things To Be Done For 2019

It's the season for every thought leader to make predictions for the coming year. Predictions are easy because everyone eventually forgets you made them. (How about a 2018 prediction retro piece thoughtstronauts? 👨‍🚀) Since I've spent most of the year in this newsletter trying to predict or illustrate strategy for the future... I'm going change course and come down a level.

What I present to you is my list of what I think needs to be done so your prediction list comes true.

Assume hybrid serverless adoption will significantly outpace primarily serverless adoption. For every case study touting a company that went primarily serverless, many more adopt serverless for one-off projects. Growth in those different environments looks different and requires different strategies. And I think the hybrid environments will yield far more growth.  

Meet people where they are at. Here's a lesson from the DevOps world. Ten years in and people are still getting started with infrastructure as code and CI/CD. Getting started talks are very valuable. Keep doing them. That leads to...

Move outside the serverless bubble. ServerlessDays events are great! But go to other conferences too. Go to language specific conferences. Go to infrastructure conferences. Go to security conferences. Don't just talk to the already converted where we all read the same blogs and get high on the same thought leader tweets like Dennis Hopper in Blue Velvet.

Ignore the complainers. Just ignore the people who:

  • complain about the name
  • claim "the word serverless is just as meaningless as the word cloud"
  • ask tech questions that are the equivalent of, "Are Pop Tarts ravioli?"

These people are not worth the time and all they do is take up the oxygen from conversations better had with people actually interested in learning.

This Week's Links

In this week's edition of Cold Start we have links on:

  • Building a serverless Slack command
  • Understanding serverless latency
  • Rust on AWS Lambda
  • and more!...


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