This week we unveil our new website, we released a blog post on serverless and security, and several companies had announcements.

Hi there,

New Website!

We've unveiled our newly redesigned website!

It was time for us to update it because we've gone through a lot of change since we first started. We've been candid about our transformation as a company. What started as a serverless engineering consultancy has transformed into a DevOps transformation and AWS migration advisory company.

Why our change? Because over the months of exploring serverless our understanding of its value has changed significantly. Serverless is more of a business revolution than a technical revolution. Serverless is a better enabler of organizational improvement than other existing cloud technology solutions. And further down the road we'll be looking at ideas not easily possible before! For example, tracking revenue flow generated by our applications and ideas we've yet to explore.

Serverless technology is great... But the new opportunities serverless enables are even more important.

New Blog Post On Serverless Security

Last week we released Serverless DevOps: Security. We explore the role of Operations when their's no more hosts to patch. Serverless shifts more work we're accustomed to performing over to your public cloud provider. This is a good thing! It frees us up to focus on issues higher up the stack. However, this might be unfamiliar territory for some of us. Give it a read!

We're continuing to expand our Serverless DevOps series and there's more to come.

Product Space Announcements

This past week several companies took advantage of the serverless buzz to make some announcements.


I'm Tom from ServerlessOps and we provide services to make you successful with your DevOps transformation and enhancement through AWS serverless adoption. Ask us about our training and advisory services.

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