We're packing and on our way to DevOpsDays + ServerlessDays + MapCamp Atlanta this week.

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Keeping it short this week so we can pack for DevOpsDays + ServerlessDays + MapCamp Atlanta! If you're in the area let us know so we can meet up.

New Blog Post

A few week's ago in this newsletter we wrote about solving problems and building applications with less code. Don't code when managed services will solve your problems. We've expanded on the idea and turned it into a full blog post. Now, with diagrams and links to code! Check it out if you haven't already.

Read >> Don't Code If You Don't Have To When Serverless

ServerlessDays Boston Videos

ServerlessDays Boston videos are out! If you weren't at the event, catch the videos.

Watch >> ServerlessDays Boston 2019

Service Announcements

What's been newly announced by AWS and other companies in the serverless space?

Coming Events

Here's some of the coming serverless events for you to catch. Have an event you'd like to promote? Then drop an email to us.


I'm Tom from ServerlessOps and we provide a range of services around DevOps transformation, AWS migration, serverless training, and startup cloud operations. See our services to learn more.

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We're ServerlessOps and we provide a range of services around DevOps transformation, AWS migration, serverless training, and startup cloud operations. 

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