This week we discuss how serverless alters the SaaS build versus buy argument.

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Serverless Changing Build v. Buy Conversation

Last week we wrote a piece for CHAOSSEARCH about how serverless alters the build versus buy conversation.

I want people to remember this, a SaaS product is more than just a widget. That widget is the result of the amassing of expertise by a company in a problem space. Even if you can build a similar widget, do you have the amassed expertise to know what and how to build that widget correctly?

Good product companies don't stop at widget production. This is why startups that go home crying from re:Invent were always doomed to fail. Good companies understand the need to work with users and customers to bridge the gap between their knowledge and the company's amassed knowledge.

There's user education involved on the part of becoming a good product company. That education takes the form in showing how to most effectively use the product, understanding the problem space as it is today, and preparing them for the problem space tomorrow.

Before you decide a serverless approach lets you build a solution in a weekend, ask if you should.

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Also, checkout CHAOSSEARCH's product! I think it's a promising product for leveraging S3 for data analysis.

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