This week's Cold Start, serverless is about delivering business value. Catch up on our travel and how we spread that message.

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We're finally off the road for a bit but we've learned so much. Catch up on DevOpsDays Seattle, how we've begun to communicate serverless, and the serverless news and happenings we've found.

DevOpsDays Seattle

This past week we were speaking at DevOpsDays Seattle and delivered our talk "Flying v. Driving: Myths, Fears, and Opportunity When Going Serverless" to a great reception. We had several people approach us to talk during the conference and they were drawn towards the message of being able to deliver more value. We're eagerly awaiting video from the conference because we think it's a fantastic talk. In the meantime, click below and catch up with the live tweeting during the talk.


Serverless Is About Value And Oppurtunity

Something we've struck on as we chatted with engineers the past two weeks was surprising to us. The talk we gave in Denver and Seattle is focused less on the tech of serverless and more on the oppurtunity for value delivery it provides. We emphasize a chance to solve new problems by relieving your responsibility for old ones. We emphasize being able to focus on problems closer to the customer. We emphasize delivering more business value. That message resonates!

This was a little unexpected. But, we saw the nods of agreement in both the Denver and Seattle audiences. More and more engineers are becoming more sophisticated and savvy to understanding business value and they will listen.

This shouldn't really be surprising though. DevOps is about people, process, and tools. Our tools are there to improve people and process. Many engineers are starting to see technology not as an ends but as a means to improving their organization and their day to day role. And increasingly with mantras such as "9s don't matter if users are unhappy" we're starting to see engineers care more about the user.

The less we focus on the bottom of the tech stack the more we can focus towards the top of the tech stack and at the top is the user. Engineering audiences are getting this. You'll start to see us advocating this line of thinking more.

By the way, we also touched on some of these themes while chatting with Alex Williams of The New Stack. Click below to have a listen.


This Week

Check out our links below. We'll also have some thoughts on infrastructure as code and the recent Serverless Framework announcement about Components on our blog this week. We said we'd have this post out last week and we're sorry. We scrapped the blog post so we could form some better thoughts in light of the recent development.

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