This week's Cold Start, product announcements and events from us, IOpipe, PureSec, Thundra, and of course AWS.

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This past week we saw announcements and unveils by several companies in the AWS serverless space. Along with announcements by AWS at their Summit event last week, there was news from IOpipe, Thundra, PureSec, and of course us!

ServerlessOps Training Workshops

Last week we did our first training! We presented for the CTOs at Techstars Boston. We've chosen to focus on demonstrating what a serverless development workflow would look like within an organization. There's already a good amount of information available on what serverless architecture looks like so we've chosen to cover implementation details an organization will face.

What does a team's development workflow look like? How do you segregate different development environments? And what does a CI/CD pipeline look like? ServerlessOps is establishing organizational best practices so teams can continue to focus on delivering core technical value.

We'll be expanding our workshop to cover even more topics. If you're an organization interested in beginning your serverless journey, or a product company interested in educating users, shoot us a message at to discuss partnering.


Signal Sciences Webinar With ServerlessOps

Don't forget that today at 1pm ET / 10am PT we'll be on the Signal Sciences webinar discussing serverless security. (Hence the earlier delivery time this week.) We thought it would be great to bring an operations person and security person together to ask questions of each other's expertise.

SQS Event Source For Lambda Coming

You've been waiting for this, we've been waiting for this, we've all been waiting to use SQS as an event source for Lambda. It's not available just yet but know that it is coming!


Read on for the week in product and platform announcements around the AWS serverless space!

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