This week's newsletter, "Too Good To Pass Up Week". We kept finding ourselves breaking our unofficial newsletter rules because, "This is too good to pass up."

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We're calling this week's newsletter, "Too Good To Pass Up Week". As we were sourcing and deciding on what to include in this week's email we kept finding ourselves breaking our unofficial rules because, "This is too good to pass up."

What Was Too Good To Pass Up?

With serverless we advocate not worrying about the technical implementation details of the platform and focusing on solving your problems. But such a detailed post on the internals of the AWS Lambda execution environment was too good to pass up including.

We try to never include more than one link from a single vendor each week. We want to ensure the entire serverless product ecosystem gets exposure. However, Epsagon has a great blog post on handling AWS errors and Ran Ribenzaft's talk from ServerlessDays Tel Aviv was posted which gives us a glimpse at their product.

Lastly, Snyk has a non-serverless specific cheat sheet for GitHub security best practices. Print it out and hang it up. We hope their next cheat sheet will tell us how to pronounce their company name. Is it "snick", "sneak", or "snike"?


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