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Serverless Without Code

The past few weeks in the serverless community has seen much chatter about serverless without code. After publishing Don't Code If You Don't Have To When Serverless I had a chance to sit down with Richard Boyd as we walked through how to create direct integrations between API Gateway and other AWS services besides Lambda. It was even live streamed on Twitch!

Then while at DevOpsDays + ServerlessDays + MapCamp Atlanta, I experienced the power of being able to meet with other members of the serverless community in person. Paul Johnston and I chatted about eliminating code where possible. Farrah Campbell of Stackery informed me of coming work from their CTO Chase Douglas to illustrate eliminating code from a serverless application. Chase has even released a demo repository on GitHub to show how to to direct API Gateway to DynamoDB integration.

Why is this important and where is this leading us to? The conversation about serverless in 2019 is going to increasingly move beyond the technical. This was evident in Paul Johnston's updated definition of serverless which incorporates business value. Serverless is becoming more about what we build and the value it provides and less about the technology. We'll see this more clearly as we continue to eliminate code as we've just talked about or as we embrace reusable infrastructure through Serverless Application Repository.

All this might sound like idle speculation and wishful thinking. But I found this on the Amazon Partner Network blog which illustrates where I think technology is heading as a whole.

How Tulip Leverages AWS to Bring No-Code Manufacturing Apps to the Shop Floor

We're heading towards a world where you will not need to be a software developer in order to build applications. We're heading towards a world where a person without software development expertise will be able to build applications that provide value.

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