This week, we tackle why ops and devops people should embrace serverless. Plus, your Lambda function can now have 15 minutes of fame!

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Serverless DevOps: Why Serverless For Operations People

We've released a new post in our Serverless DevOps series! This time, why operations should embrace rather than fear serverless and a world where servers have gone away. 

Serverless DevOps: Why Serverless For Operations People

If you haven't yet read the previous parts in the series, you're missing out! Go through them below.

Lambda Time Limit Increased to 15 Minutes

This week AWS announced Lambda functions can now run for up to 15 minutes! There are definitely workloads, even ones we've created ourselves, that can benefit from this.

Additionally, AWS has also added an "Applications" view to the AWS console. You can see all the AWS resources from your serverless application in a single view.


Expanded ServerlessOps Services

We've expanded our services offered. We now offer a specialty service designed for startups. We fill that gap in a startup's lifetime where they're debating whether or not to hire a cloud infrastructure engineer. We keep your developers focused on product features instead of DevOps work. Not serverless? Don't worry! Success and growth first, technology second.

Have a look at our recently updated services page and learn more about what we offer!

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I'm Tom from ServerlessOps and we provide a range of services around DevOps transformation, AWS migration, serverless training, and startup cloud operations. See our services to learn more.

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We're ServerlessOps and we provide a range of services around DevOps transformation, AWS migration, serverless training, and startup cloud operations. 

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