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What do we do when the server goes away?

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We've been hinting at this for weeks... We've released our book, Serverless DevOps: What do we do when the server goes away? Best of all it's free and ungated! Not even an email address is required to download.

Based on our popular blog post of the same name, we've expanded on these popular concepts to deliver a comprehensive approach on adopting serverless. The book includes:

  • The changing role of operations
  • New models for organization and team structures
  • Security implications and how to address these
  • Financials effects of serverless and the emergence of FinDev
  • and much more!

This is a guide for operations professionals and engineering leadership to prepare for the future as we increasingly see the technology we are responsible for abstracted away by serverless.

It's over 80 pages long. Just download, read, learn, and enjoy.

If you're an operations professional struggling to understand what the future of your work in a serverless world, then start here.



"Very concise/comprehensive look at serverless and DevOps - don't let ebook fool you. It's better than most books on the subject!"

- James Beswick co-founder Indevlo

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