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Whether you're a cloud-native or just beginning your plans for AWS migration, serverless is a compelling choice and our services help you make the move.

Serverless is a cloud systems architecture that involves no servers, virtual machines, or containers to provision or manage. While all of that may still exist underneath your running application, their presence is abstracted away from you. They become the concern of Amazon Web Services (AWS) and not yours. Serverless, gives you reduced operational complexity with scaling and fault-tolerance built in!

Why Serverless?

Going serverless means greater emphasis up the technical stack on the services that provide the most direct value in your organization, and on measuring the success of those services. It also allows faster delivery of new services and features. By removing infrastructure as a potential roadblock, organizations can deliver with one less potential friction point.

Go Serverless to

  • Reduce cloud infrastructure complexity
  • Focus on organization core competencies and challenges
  • Deliver greater value faster

Learn more about the benefits of serverless on AWS.

Why Go With ServerlessOps?

Serverless still requires technical planning and implementation. Our services help you navigate the tools available to you and the processes for building and deploying serverless applications.

We work with you to

  • Pick development, deployment, and management tooling
  • Develop code and system testing
  • Build standard CI/CD pipelines
  • Implement monitoring and observability
  • And more...

We keep your engineering team focused on solving problems by handling these technical details for you.

Leapfrog Ahead

Every cloud migration takes significant time and effort to achieve. Why spend time and effort on cloud migration and still be behind when you are done?

Organizations making their initial move into the cloud are adopting serverless to leapfrog ahead in their technology stack and capabilities. Companies such as iRobot, Amtrak, and Fender have gone from operating data centers directly to serverless in AWS. They've skipped over AWS EC2 and Docker containers. They made this decision based on where they wanted to be when they were done.

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