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DevOps Transformation Advisory

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Don't spend six months building only to find you've built the wrong thing. Build with confidence you're on the path to success.


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Serverless is a means to an end, and that end is organizational improvement and increased value delivery. Those goals go hand in hand with your DevOps transformation initiatives.

Why go serverless during your DevOps transformation?

  • Decreased upfront technical investment
  • Increased time spent on people and process improvement
  • Greater engineering focus on organizational challenges
  • Faster and greater delivery of value to the organization

By adopting serverless, you can focus less on the technology and more on solving the challenges in your organization.

DevOps transformation requires addressing people, process, and tools. By adopting serverless as a tool, with its low upfront technical investment, more time can be spent on the people and process in your organization. This improvement involves improving channels of communication and the process of service delivery.

DevOps Transformation Starts at Leadership

DevOps transformation starts at the leadership level of an organization.

It begins with defining problems, priorities, strategy, and measurements of success that are clearly articulated to engineering teams so they know what they're trying to solve and how their success is measured.

Lack of these leads to

  • Teams not sure whether their work solves a problem
  • Teams not sure how to properly prioritize and allocate time
  • Teams frustrated and demoralized by failure.

Don't tell your engineering teams what to do. Tell them what challenges needs to be solved and watch the people you've hired solve them.

Product Not Project

Instead of long-running IT projects, we believe in a "product, not project" approach to engineering. The best test of successful solution delivery is when it makes it into the hands of users.

To achieve this, we focus on the regular delivery of small features and services, plus the measurement of their success in solving problems.

Through this process we validate the right solutions are delivered and justify continued development. And when our solution is not getting us closer to success, we fail fast and pivot to a different direction.

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