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Too many companies don't prioritize hiring a cloud infrastructure engineer until there's a problem.

Most startups have constraints that affect their ability to make full-time hires that meet all the needs of the organization. That leads to gaps, particularly in cloud infrastructure and DevOps, which leads to reduced efficiency down the road. With experience in multiple startups, including HubSpot and Threat Stack, our founder Tom McLaughlin is well aware of the challenges startups face and is positioned to solve them for you.

Your Growing Startup

Hiring your first cloud infrastructure engineer is usually made several engineering hires in. Before that, cloud infrastructure work typically falls to software developers, who split their time between feature delivery and managing cloud infrastructure. While developers may get the job done, their lack of expertise can result in technical debt that slows team velocity further down the road.

Once it makes sense to hire your first full-time cloud infrastructure engineer, a new issues arises. Cloud infrastructure and DevOps talent is expensive. That's because the talent is in short supply.

Once they start, they'll need to spend time paying down technical debt to put you in a position to scale, as well.

All this results in

  • Lack of developer focus
  • Increased technical debt
  • Reduced feature velocity

How do you prevent that?

What We Provide

ServerlessOps provides cloud infrastructure and DevOps engineering consulting. While we specialize in AWS serverless, we also support Docker containers via AWS ECS. We can leverage third-party managed services to solve problems, as well. Our proposed engineering solutions go beyond the technical and factor in business considerations such as time and budgetary constraints, startup maturity stage, company success metrics, and projected growth targets.

Our services result in

  • Increased developer focus
  • Decreased technical debt
  • Increased feature velocity
  • Budget for other necessary hires

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