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What is this?

Good Morning Serverless is our (not yet) award winning weekly live webcast focused on the AWS serverless community. The show strives to be both informative on a technical level while also being fun like a radio morning show.

We want our guests to share their work. This could be something they recently built and would like to demo. It could be a follow-up discussion on a recent blog post of theirs. It could even be discussing the ideas that drove a recent conference talk that won't be presented while events are on hold.

Based on our show format decision that means we also want audience participation! Feel free to tweet at us while we're on the air. We are even eager to take live callers via Skype on our show!

When and where is this?

The show is broadcast bi-weekly on Thursdays at 8:30am ET from the ServerlessOps Twitter account. This time slot was chosen because it roughly corresponds with the daily commute to work by someone on the East Coast of the US where we are located.

Why are you doing this?

We're doing this because there is a global pandemic going on that has caused many people to lose a sense of normalcy.

Many people in our community no longer have outlets such as meetups, hack nights, or even conferences to share their work. So we've created a venue for that.

Many people are stuck in their homes day in and day out. So we chose a morning radio show format that is familiar to many people who would usually commute to work daily

Many people are stuck in social isolation. So we've decided to experiment with letting people call into the show and interact.

How do I become a guest?!?!

It's easy! First think of what you'd like to share on air. We're happy to let people demo their recent projects, discuss a recent blog post of theirs, or anything else we feel the AWS serverless community might find interesting.

Then just follow these steps:

  • Fill out the form on the right
  • Download and install Skype
  • Wait for us to respond to your request
  • Work  out a date that works for all of us!

Stay safe and healthy,

- tom @ ServerlessOps

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