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We provide a cross-functional set of services to help DevOps and IT Ops teams design, build, and run reliable serverless systems.

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Service: Serverless Consulting (Displays an icon with a cloud)Serverless Infrastructure Consulting Click to read more (Displays a plus icon)

ServerlessOps provides technical consulting services to help you begin building serverless systems. Whether you’re a mature enterprise or an early stage startup, we’re here to help you identify the right fit for serverless and begin to deliver services faster and cheaper using the latest in cloud infrastructure technology.

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Service: Serverless Training (Displays an icon with a computer and a checkmark)Serverless Infrastructure Training Click to read more (Displays a plus icon)

ServerlessOps provides corporate and event training in AWS serverless infrastructure with a focus on operations. Start by learning how to build a serverless system and continue onto learning how to reliable run, scale, and secure that system.

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Service: Developer Relations (Displays an icon with people)Developer Relations Click to read more (Displays a plus icon)

ServerlessOps provides a developer relations service to help tell your product’s serverless technology story. From needs assessment to use case identification, we develop open source AWS serverless-based tools that not only showcase your serverless vision, but demonstrate how it will bring value to your audience via personal engagements, webinars, technical blog posts, and more.

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