Serverless DevOps Video: Serverless Microservices

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We've released the second video in our Serverless DevOps series! Our new video picks up where out first Serverless DevOps video left off and covers serverless microservices and using them to construct a serverless application. We also look at Serverless Framework's configuration file for creating services.

Our latest video deconstructs the application from our first video into separate microservices. This is to help you see how you can construct more complicated applications from simpler serverless microservices. Both monolithic and microservice architecture have there places and knowing how to build serverless applications using both patterns is important.

While in our first video we focused on the commands for using Serverless Framework, this video focuses on how serverless.yml configuration file. We explore the file to see how a serverless application or service is created.

All of this is to give you the fundamentals to help build your own service in our coming third installment of the series.

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