Serverless DevOps Video: Intro To Serverless and Serverless Framework

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We've just released the first video in our Serverless DevOps series. It's an introduction to serverless on AWS and using Serverless Framework. In it we cover a 3-tier web application consisting of an S3 hosted frontend, an API Gateway and Lambda backend, and a DynamoDB table for the data layer. After introducing these concepts we walk through installing Serverless Framework to deploy, observe, and manage the application.

Our goals with this video is for you to be introduced to and understand a basic serverless application as well as begin using a one of the most popular tools in the serverless ecosystem. When you're done, we want you to have the fundamentals to continue exploring on your own. This is also a reason why we chose to produce a 10 minute video too. While shorter videos sound appealing, we've heard from too many people that they go to fast for them to really learn the material.

Have a look at the video!

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