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Serverless DevOps: Why Serverless For Operations People

Why should operations embrace serverless? It's time to embrace the change and new opportunities it provides.

Serverless DevOps: What Is Serverless?

What is serverless exactly?

Serverless DevOps: Where Does Ops Belong?

In a serverless environment, where do operations and DevOps engineers belong?

Serverless DevOps: Cost, Revenue, & FinDev

What does serverless mean for how we understand cloud spend and eventually FinDev.

Serverless DevOps: Security

Serverless moves more of what was your security responsibility to AWS, so what's left to protect? As the ops person on a team there's still much to do from securing and auditing cloud infrastructure, to further up the stack application security.

Serverless DevOps: Infrastructure As Code With AWS Serverless

Continuing our Serverless Ops series, what does infrastructure as code look like when you go serverless on AWS and what is the value of operations?

AWS Serverless Adoption & DevOps Advisory Services

We're launching our AWS Serverless Adoption & DevOps Advisory Services! We help you to understand if AWS serverless is right for you. And we don't just work to make your code successful. We work to ensure that your engineers are successful.

Serverless DevOps: What do we do when the server goes away?

As serverless grows in adoption what will serverless operations be and what will it fold for Operations or DevOps engineer? What do we do when the server goes away?

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