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Don't Code If You Don't Have To When Serverless

Not everything serverless requires code. See how you can sometimes solve your problems without code.
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AWS ECS In Your Path To Serverless

AWS ECS is an understated step in your organization gradually going serverless. See how!...
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Serverless DevOps: The Need To Code

As operations people we'll need to code when our organizations go serverless. However, it's nothing for us to fear!
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Serverless DevOps: The Work Of Operating Serverless Systems

What is the operations work of running serverless systems? Explore both the DifferentOps and NewOps involved.
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Serverless DevOps: The Need for Ops

Operations never goes away. What do operations and DevOps engineers bring to serverless?
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Serverless DevOps: Why Serverless For Operations People

Why should operations embrace serverless? It's time to embrace the change and new opportunities it provides.
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Serverless DevOps: What Is Serverless?

What is serverless exactly?
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Serverless DevOps: Where Does Ops Belong?

In a serverless environment, where do operations and DevOps engineers belong?
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Serverless DevOps: Security & DevSecOps

Serverless moves more of what was your security responsibility to AWS, so what's left to protect? As the ops person on a team there's still much to do from securing and auditing cloud infrastructure, to further up the stack application security.
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Serverless DevOps: Infrastructure As Code With AWS Serverless

Continuing our Serverless Ops series, what does infrastructure as code look like when you go serverless on AWS and what is the value of operations?

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