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Serverless DevOps: Cost, Revenue, & FinDev

What does serverless mean for how we understand cloud spend and eventually FinDev.
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Application Security Weekly Appearance

Recently we appeared on Application Security Weekly to discuss serverless security. Have a watch!
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Serverless DevOps Video: Building A Serverless Microservice

Our third video in our Serverless DevOps series. Build a serverless microservice from start to finish.
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A Tale of Two Businesses

How your startup's funding and execution influences the success of your serverless adoption.
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Serverless DevOps Video: Serverless Microservices

Our second video in our Serverless DevOps series. Learn how to create serverless applications using microservices and see how we use Serverless Framework to create those services.
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Serverless DevOps: Security & DevSecOps

Serverless moves more of what was your security responsibility to AWS, so what's left to protect? As the ops person on a team there's still much to do from securing and auditing cloud infrastructure, to further up the stack application security.
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Serverless DevOps Video: Intro To Serverless and Serverless Framework

Our first video in our Serverless DevOps series. Learn to deploy and manage a serverless application with Serverless Framework.
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Serverless Contact Form For Static Websites

Build a contact form with AWS S3 and Lambda. Simple, fast, convenient, and serverless!
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Announcing The ServerlessOps Contributor Blogging Program

We've started our new paid contributor blogging program. Want to show of what you've learned and help contribute to the serverless community? Contact us!
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AWS Lambda & Serverless Development - Part 2: Testing & Debugging

Part 2 of a 2 part series; explore what to do after you've done the initial coding of your AWS serverless Lambda application. These steps will help you to be more efficient and avoid frustration.

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