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ServerlessDays Boston 2019 Wrap-up

Didn't attend ServerlessDays Boston? Make sure you catch up with what you missed out on.
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A Tale of Two Businesses

How your startup's funding and execution influences the success of your serverless adoption.
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Serverless Contact Form For Static Websites

Build a contact form with AWS S3 and Lambda. Simple, fast, convenient, and serverless!
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Announcing The ServerlessOps Contributor Blogging Program

We've started our new paid contributor blogging program. Want to show of what you've learned and help contribute to the serverless community? Contact us!
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Flying v. Driving: A recap of DevOpsDays Denver and Seattle

What does a decision to fly to both DevOpsDays Denver and Seattle have in common with serverless? Let's recap our talk at those conferences where we discuss accidents, cost, and opportunity when traveling or going serverless.
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Serverless Ops at Agile Austin

Serverless, DevOps, barbecue, and Dr Pepper. We went to the Agile Austin meetup to spread the word on where we see operations going in a serverless world.
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Serverless Ops: What do we do when the server goes away? (original)

As serverless grows what will serverless ops be? For the Operations or DevOps engineer it's time for us to define our role for the future. We need to define our value and redefine our role.
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Announcing Serverless DevRel Services

Tell your company's story around serverless with our new Developer Relations (DevRel) consulting service!
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DevOpsDays NYC 2018

Last week, I headed to DevOpsDays NYC at the Microsoft Technology Center. It was a chance to learn new things and see old friends.

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