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Features Aren't A Differentiator For You Startup

Features aren't a startup's product differentiator for long.
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Don't Code If You Don't Have To When Serverless

Not everything serverless requires code. See how you can sometimes solve your problems without code.
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ServerlessDays Boston 2019 Wrap-up

Didn't attend ServerlessDays Boston? Make sure you catch up with what you missed out on.
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AWS ECS In Your Path To Serverless

AWS ECS is an understated step in your organization gradually going serverless. See how!...
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AWS Lambda And Python Boto3: To Bundle Or Not Bundle With Your Function

In your Python AWS Lambda functions, what's the best practice for handling your Boto3 dependencies? And, are you getting it wrong?
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The Top Three AWS re:Invent Serverless Announcements

What were the top three serverless announcements at AWS re:Invent? We have them for you!
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AWS Firecracker: Build Your Private Serverless Platform

How do you use the new AWS Firecracker to build your private serverless platform?
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Serverless DevOps: Build, Testing, Deploy, and Management Tooling

What is the work involved to build, test, deploy, and manage serverless applications?
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Serverless DevOps: The Need To Code

As operations people we'll need to code when our organizations go serverless. However, it's nothing for us to fear!
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Serverless DevOps: The Work Of Operating Serverless Systems

What is the operations work of running serverless systems? Explore both the DifferentOps and NewOps involved.

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